LOC limit explanations

We are looking to install SonarQube on our local servers and we have a couple of questions regarding choosing the right licensing.

So we would install the latest version, starting with community edition on an on-premise install, using the msbuild analyzer for C#.

What is exactly LOC? Is it the number of lines of code analyzed to date that keeps couting for every analyze, or it’s the actual number of lines of code of every projects regardless of the number of times they have been analyzed?

What happens when the LOC exceeds the limit of the (community) license? Can we still analyze old projects? What are the costs if we want to raise the LOC limit?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Each project’s LOC is the number of lines of code found in the most recent analysis. Take the LOC from largest branch (assuming at least Developer Edition) from each project, and add them all together and that’s your server LOC. This is not about the total number of lines you’ve ever analyzed, just what you’ve got under analysis now. So if you drop files from a project (and re-analyze) or delete a project altogether, your LOC goes down.

Regardless of your LOC, Community is free. You just won’t get the coolest features. :smile:


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Hi Ann,
Thanks for your reply.

So can I understand that Community edition doesn’t have LOC limit?

We have farily large projects and will never make any money with our apps, so yes we would like to have Developer license but we have to fit in a tight budget. In the future, if we want to upgrade to Developer edition and the LOC exceeds the limit, beside removing code, can we buy a limit raise?


Hi Michael,

Community Edition is free. Period. :slight_smile:

If you upgrade to Developer Edition then you will be charged by lines of code. You can see the tiers in the first input in the form at the top of this page. Pricing starts at $150/year for 100k LOC.


Also note that there are more insights/FAQ @ SonarSource Plans & Pricing ( see ‘How do we count Lines of Code (LOC)?’). Ultimately if any more specific question about licensing and tiered-offering, do feel free to just contact directly the folks (our colleagues! :slight_smile: ) over @ SonarSource. They’ll be able to give you insights covering more specifically your situation.

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