Have some doubts when selecting sonarqube developer editon

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Hi everyone,

I have some problems when chose sonarqube developer edition.

  1. how to count lines of code(Loc), as our project is based on c language.
    what kind of comments will be considered as Comment Lines? such as “//” style or “/* */” style.

  2. I have one project in sonarQube7.4 developer edition, the size of this project as shown below

    As shown, the lines of code is 88113, and I have a license with limitation of Lines of Code Up to 100K, But I received the Error Details “The last analysis has failed to not exceed the 100000 lines of code limit allowed by the current license.” why is that?
    whether sonarQube license chose Lines as limitation?

  3. As sonarqube developer edition is priced per instance per year and based on your lines of code.
    What does instance mean? Does this mean I can only install sonarqube in one computer with one license? If I changed my computer and I want to use the previous license what should I do?

4.I have a project, but I just want part of the source file be analyzed. So, I set parameters of sonar.inclusions, sonar.exclusions and sonar.sources, how would these parameters affect the calculation of lines of code? Would the whole project source files be considered when calculate Locs?

  1. When use community editon to analyze Java project. Are there any restrictions on the lines of code?

  2. How to select a best version with multiple projects in sonarQube? For example, the are two projects created in sonarQube, project 1 has 88K lines of code(Loc), and the other has 90K lines of code. The two projects are not analyzed at the same time. Do I need a license with limitation of 250K Locs or just a license with limitation of 100K Locs is enough?

Looking forward to your reply. thanks

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We prefer to keep threads in this community to one question per thread. I’ll field a couple here, and you can open new threads for the others.

The LOC used for licensing purposes is exactly the lines of code shown in the interface. Since you’ve only got one project, then your total LOC is that project’s LOC. There are no tricks here. :slight_smile:

At the same time, if you want a little more reassurance, you can check the License page (Administration > Configuration > License Manager) for your current LOC.

Regarding your analysis failure, it sounds like either your analysis added a lot of new lines / files (you might want to check with the developers) or perhaps the analysis configuration got messed up, and files that you had previously excluded from analysis (e.g. JavaScript libraries) got accidentally re-included. The purpose of this analysis failure is to keep you from locking up your SonarQube instance. If you did manage to exceed your licensed LOC, you wouldn’t be able to perform any more analyses until you’d gotten an upgraded license.


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P.S. Some of these questions might be better directed to your sales contact, E.G. 3, 6