Lines of code license limitation


First, here’s the requested info:

  • Versions
    • SonarQube: Developer Edition - Version 7.4 (build 18908)
    • SonarQube Scanner:
    • Plugin: TeamCity SonarQube Runner

I’m just trying to analyze with SonarScanner on each CI build, and I have the analysis itself working correctly… however, I’m now receiving the following inside SonarQube:

The last analysis has failed to not exceed the 100000 lines of code limit allowed by the current license.

In case it’s relevant, I do pass in since we’re analyzing outside of HEAD. I had it working fine - with no LOC error - and then I tried adding the path to binaries in… this is when the error started appearing. Now, even though I’ve removed the binary analysis, the error persists.

According to the license page, we’re only at a little over 37k lines of code. Why would SonarQube be thinking that we’re exceeding our current 100k limit? More importantly, how can I fix this?