What will happen if LOC exceed the limit in Sonarqube Developer edition

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We are going to buy Sonarqube Developer edition. Before this we have 2 questions for Sonarqube Developer Edition.
1 Once total LOC in SonarQube instance exceed the limit(Our initial limit is 100,000), what will happen to users? Will the whole analysis on Sonarqube instance be disabled? or we could still continue to analyze the language supported in community edition? Or some other?
2 How long does it take to increase maximum LOC with paying additional charge?Such as how many days need. Is there any downtime which impacts on existing project team?

@ G Ann Campbell Would you pls help to take a look? Thank you very much.

Hi @lilingwh,

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If you’re in the process of purchasing Developer Edition, you should already be in contact with a SonarSource sales representative who can help with these questions, but to give a quick answer:

  1. Your SonarQube administrators will be notified by email (assuming you’ve set up email notifications) when you’re getting close to your threshold, so you can upgrade your LOCs before it becomes a problem
  2. SonarQube will stop you going over the threshold with new analyses – so existing analyses can continue below the threshold, but any analysis that would add enough LOCs to push you over the limit will fail
  3. Increasing your LOC limit only takes as long as the procurement system on your side; we issue new keys almost immediately.

As a side note, SonarSource staff provide help here on the community site in between our other commitments, so pinging someone like Ann by name is not really a polite way to engage here :slight_smile:



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Hi Cameron your answer is really help to us. Thanks.

Happy to help!



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