SonarQube LOC Reached Maximum Limit

Hi Team,

SonarQube Enterprise Edition is about to reach the maximum LOC. Can you please provide me the instruction steps to clean the LOC on the sonarqube UI or Server level.

Limit is 100,000,000 we have almost reached 99,000,000 LOC

How do we clean the LOC?
What steps are involved?
How Much time does it take?
During that time will the other users or Jenkins can access sonarqube?

Applying the new license keys to the sonarqube EE will make any difference to LOC?

Please help

Hi Arun,

As you’re using an Enterprise Edition with 100 million of lines of code, I highly suggest you to contact the SonarSource support team.
They will be able to help you.

Julien Lancelot

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Thanks for the reply julien, But can you please provide me an approach or instruction steps to test that on the lower environment to clear/reduce the LOC .

Hi Arun,

As suggested in my previous message, my suggestion is for you to contact our support team, because as you have 100 million of on a Enterprise Edition, you should have access to the support.

Julien Lancelot