Sonarqube Enterprise edition Lines of Code


I’m using Sonarqube enterprise edition 8.3.1; and Lines of Code has reached a maximum limit of 4,90,000 (limit is 5,00,000); now we cannot scan any more projects. We have deleted some already scanned projects to make some space for new code scan but even after deleting te projects we are unable to freed up space.

Please suggest an alternative how can we make room for some Code scan in soanrqube.

Hi Mahua,

If you delete projects, the LOCs they were taking up will be freed up. However, if the new project you are trying to scan still has more LOCs than the available number of LOCs of your license (let’s say the new project has 200’000 LOCs, but you only have 100’000 LOCs available), you won’t be able to scan it.

You should either continue removing projects (preferably inactive projects, you can list them by last analysis date and spot those which weren’t analysed for a long period of time) or contact your sales rep and discuss your license size/upgrade.


Thanks for the explanation Daniel. I’m checking on this