Unable to remove hidden projects - lines limit reached

(Andrzej Szyk) #1

Hi ,

I would like to have two projects with around 100K lines of code, i am testing trial version of 250K lines of code
I am unable to start analysing the second project due to line limits in my license.

This is information from the License manager page:

Lines of Code

Up to 250,000
315,875 lines currently analyzed250k
You reached the limit of lines of code. Please contact SonarSource to increase the threshold.

But in project overview i have only one analysed project that has 101K lines of code :

I am logged as admin and i am unable to see the not shown projects.
Can you please help me to clear up the projects ? is there a particular place in DB to check this or path on the server ?

(G Ann Campbell) #2


First, you can look in Administration > Projects > Management to get a list of all projects. You don’t have lines of code there, but you should see all projects.

It’s possible that your Extweb is contributing to your total LoC even though the Projects page tells you its unanalyzed. The Projects page shows statistics from your master analysis, but licensing counts the largest Long-Lived branch (LLB) in your project, whether or not that happens to be master. Because it’s possible to analyze non-master LLBs without ever analyzing master, the LoC counts you see on the Projects page may not be accurate from a licensing standpoint.