SonarCloud - 100K+ lines of code still available for billing still fails to analyze 30K LOC project

Hey Guys, It’s very annoying when LOC limit available for 100K+ and analysis fail with error -

This analysis will make your organization ‘XXX’ to reach the maximum allowed lines limit.
Please contact the administrator of the organization to resolve this issue.

ID: “AW3436FHNGmprZfwHL67”.

How do I find what the LOC for the project being analyzed? I don’t find anywhere in the log what could be the line of code after analysis.

Please help me.


Sorry for responding late.

It’s currently not possible to find out. We’re working on it, and a fix should be deployed soon.


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I was able to get out of this situation by deleting two projects which were failing. These worked on reanalysis.