SonarCloud is charging LOC lines in a month even thought it has not being used

I disabled Automatic Analysis and not using continuos integration. However SonarCloud is saying I have exceded my number of Locs. Last charge was on April 29 . I haven used it and now I am not able to perform any analysis. Who can help me with this?

Hey Victor,

Most probably, SonarCloud is telling you that the next analysis would put you over the limit, so the analysis can’t be processed.

As noted in our documentation on billing:

LOCs are computed by summing up the LOCs of each project analyzed in SonarCloud. The LOCs used for a project are the LOCs found during the most recent analysis of this project.

Only LOC from your private projects are counted toward your maximum number of LOCs. If your project contains branches, the counted LOCs are the ones of the biggest branch. The count is not related to how frequently the source code is analyzed. If your private project has a 6K LOCs and you analyze it 100 times in the month, this will be counted as 6K for the billing. If you are getting close to the threshold you will be notified to either upgrade your plan or reduce the number of LOCs in your projects.

Hey Colin. Thanks for your response.
As I mentioned my last charge to my credit cards was on April 28 . I have a 75 Euros subscription , which allow me to analyze 250K LOC as of April 28. The thing is that I was not going beyond the limit with my next analysis I was just trying to analyze 2.6K LOC . However I received the message saying I was going above the limit.

Is there any customer support I can get ? any contact ?