Reached limit of LoC but the sum of the project LoC is lower

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  • Error observed: I cannot analized any more projects due to licence limit reached, but the sum of all the Lines of Code (~44k) of all my project (13 over 25 project are still empty) is less than the Lines of Code analyzed showned in the “Bill” section (~960k). No projects where deleted.

Hey there.

Keep in mind that SonarCloud uses the largest branch of each project when calculating the Lines of Code utilized by an organization. Are you analyzing branches in your projects that might be larger than the main branch?

Hi @Colin,
thank you for your time.

I run sonarcloud analysis from AWS CodePipeline leveraging on AWS CodeCommit.
I run the following command:

ant ci -Dsonar.projectName=$PROJECTKEY -Dsonar.projectKey=$PROJECTKEY$HOST -Dsonar.login=$SONAR_TOKEN -Dsonar.organization=$ORGANIZATION

So the analysis starts from a single branch.

Hi @Colin,
do you have any updates on this issue?

I renew my licence this month, no projects were analyzed and I still see that amount of lines analyzed.


Hey there.

Sorry for the late response.

I think maybe there’s a misunderstanding since you mention “this month” and “no projects were analyzed”

SonarCloud counts the total number of private lines of code in your organization at any given time – it’s not a quota that you receive for a month that resets to 0 the next month. Am I understanding the situation correctly?