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LOC limit issue (exclude old projects without deleting)

We upgraded of SonarQube from community edition to developer edition in September 2022 after using community edition for last few years. Our Developer Edition LOC limit is 1M. But we have a lot of projects that are there but no development is done for last one or two years. As soon as we upgraded to Developer Edition, it has started to complaining that the limit is about to reach. How to exclude the old projects from the sonarQube LOC limit without deleting them.


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Hey there.

There isn’t a mechanism in SonarQube to “archive” projects – as long as the results are on your instance, they’ll persit no matter what. This really leaves you with two options (other than increasing the license limit):

  • Delete the inactive projects
  • Keep those inactive projects on a separate Community Edition instance (perhaps by cloning your existing database and linking up a Community Edition) while keeping your active projects on a Developer Edition instance