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Hi everyone, Im looking for Sonar reviews on my projects, I was reading that Community Edition is only available for public/opensource projects. My projects are private. Can I use it? It has any limitation? On your site Its not that clear.

Thanks !

Hi @Julian_Rubino,

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SonarQube is distributed under different editions: Community Edition, Developer Edition, Enterprise Edition and Data Center Edition.
Each edition has its own additional features regarding languages not covered in Community (OSS) Edition, branch analysis, PR decoration, governance, reporting, high availability, security features etc…

If you use the Community Edition (see here), you will have your own server, private. It will be free, as you use the community edition which is free and open source (not meaning public for your projects).

Then, depending on the languages you use, the number of lines of code you have (“LOC” in SonarQube licensing model), the features you are looking for (branches? Pull request decoration? Security detection of injection flaws?), you would prefer to try a Commercial Edition (Developer, Enterprise or Data Center).

If you need more information, you can reach out to us on the Evaluation Form here, by filling your information. We can provide an eval key valid 14 days there, so you can try (and love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) additional features!



Thanks for quick response! I have another question, is there any limitation on community edition? Such as limited number of lines or users?


IMHO the most restricting limitation: “Analysis of feature and maintenance branches” is only available in comercial Editions.

Hi @Julian_Rubino, lines of code or users are not limited. The limitations are related to the different features: branch analysis, pull request decoration, some languages only available in Commercial editions, Security Rules (injection)… I would recommend to try so you’ll see by yourself ! And all the differences are listed here:

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