SonarQube Developer/Enterprise Licensing Lines of Code Count

How are lines of code (LoC) counts differentiated from the Community level scans verses the languages in the Developer or Enterprise level? In other words, users who have been using the software for years using the Community version, but now have upgraded to use additional languages, are they only supposed to count the difference? Or since we need to upgrade, do we now have to pay for all of the existing code plus, say C++ code that we just added???

It becomes a non-starter if all of the scans now count toward that line count. Please advise.

Hey Brian, Welcome on our community :slight_smile:

As you can see on the Plans & Pricing page, commercial editions come with additional languages and additional features. So the value proposition is much larger than only more available languages. That is why all projects count toward the license. You will benefit from the additional features for all your projects, whatever the language, eg. Branch Analysis.

Note that for a project, SQ uses the largest Long-Lived Branch (usually the master) to fairly report the project LoC.

I hope this answers your questions.