SonarQube Communinity Edition

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Can we use Sonar Qube Community Version to scan the LOC for Commerial Project Purpose ?
If not can you please provide any link where we can see the compliance for usage.

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HI @vivekbg123

What do you want to do exactly?
Using a SonarQube Community Edition to see how many lines of code are in your projects, before purchasing a commercial license?


Hi Carine,

We are now checking the feasibility, if we can use Community version for our Commerial project or not ? Will there be any compliance issue for the same, or need to purchase Developer edition for the same ?


You can definitely use SonarQube (whatever the edition is) to scan “commercial” projects.
The differences between editions are features- and languages- related.
You can discover more here: Download | SonarQube


Thanks a lot Carine.

Appriciated !!!

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