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Hi there,

please enhance the display of the plugin compatibility matrix found here:

Correlation of plugin-name to version compatibility is difficult for the latest versions.

Screenshot hidden

When i see the current versions column, the plugin-name is not displayed anymore :cry:

i just upgraded from 8.4.longminorversion to 8.5.longminorversion and stumbled upon the Plugin Compatibility matrix.

  • first i wondered: why does it stop at 8.3?!

  • then i thought: maybe i do not see the whole table?

  • then i scrolled down and saw the horizontal scrollbar and congratulated my witty self

  • then i scrolled to the right and found 8.5 column \o/

  • then i looked where the red crosses do come from only to realize: I DONT SEE THAT :angry:

I helped myself by copypasting from browser to excel … but that is rather clumsy


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