Plugin Version Matrix Page Not Usable

The Plugin Version Matrix page is pretty much unreadable for me, using either latest Firefox or latest Chrome

Simply put, when examining the column for SonarQube Version 8.5, it’s not possible to see the Plugin name.

When scrolling left-right, SQ 8.3 is the last version in which it is possible to see both 8.3 column and the plugin names.

Trying to change zoom does not help: the table just resizes and one ends up with acres of wasted white-space to left and right of the table… with no improvement in readability.

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Hey there.

SONAR-12994 and SONAR-12995 should someday help. In the meantime, you can browse the embedded iframe directly:


Thanks. The provided link does make life easier! Now I can see at a glance that there is just one plugin I will have to make a plan for with my upgrade to 8.5.

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