Need Plugin Version Matrix for Older Versions (For SonarQube server 5.3)

(Prasanth Reddy) #1


Currently i am running SonarQube Server with Version 5.3. I’ve planned to upgrade it to the latest version 7.2. In the Official website, i found documentation saying that we need to follow the Migration path: 5.3 -> 5.6.7 LTS -> 6.7.4 LTS -> 7.2.

But to check the various plugins versions supported for the SonarQube Server versions to upgrade according to the Migration path, I would like see the Plugin Version Matrix for older versions. (Currently plugin version matrix is present at But this link shows the matrix from Version 6.7, where i require from Verison 5.3.

If someone has the history of Plugin Version Matrix for my required versions, please provide me the link. It’s very helpful for me to complete for critical workstack.

Thanks in advance.

(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi @prasanth.dondeti,

SonarQube 6.7 was released last fall and named the LTS. Earlier this summer as part of regular maintenance, data for versions prior to that was cleaned out of the Update Center / Marketplace (this is what it’s called starting in 6.7).

I cannot restore that data for you, and since the matrix itself is generated and included, Confluence History will not give you access to the old version you seek.

When you upgrade from 5.3 to 5.6.7, that new version will come with compatible versions of the analyzers; you just need to make sure to move them from lib/bundled-plugins to extensions/plugins manually (before 7.2, that move only happens automatically with a brand new instance).

If you want to give me a list of the non-SonarSource analyzer plugins you’re currently using, I can look for the compatibility data you’re after (assuming the list is of a reasonable size).


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Hi Ann,

Thanks for your quick reply. I feel very happy.

I understand that there is no history maintained for the older versions. I’m uploading an image which shows all the jar’s which i require the compatible versions for the newer versions. (I require versions for only 5 jar’s with versions used).



(G Ann Campbell) #4


sonar-java-plugin* is SonarJava; you’ll find it bundled in the package. same for sonar-csharp-plugin*

Checkstyle: the current version, 4.11, is compatible from 5.6
LDAP: ditto. Just grab the current version: 2.2
PMD: same here. Latest is 2.6


(Prasanth Reddy) #5

Thankyou very much Ann. This information has helped us a lot.