Plugin Version Matrix presentation

The table is presents as follows:
|SonarQube Version|7.9|8.0|8.1|8.2|8.3|8.4|8.5|8.6|8.7|8.8|8.9/|(LTS)|
|Plugin / Release Date|Mar 2021|Oct 2019|Dec 2019|Feb 2020|May 2020|Aug 2020|Oct 2020|Jan 2021|Mar 2021|Mar 2021|May 2021|

It would be preferable if the most column order was LTS release first, followed by the most recent release to the oldest release.

This would avoid horizontal scrolling and provide the most pertinent information first.

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Maybe this helps:

The direct link is helpful, and yes, there are clearly more issues with that page than just the order of the columns; losing the row/column identifiers is also a significant issue.

Nevertheless, presenting the most recent, most helpful and most relevant columns first reduces the need to scroll left/right for most people. Do you create “SONAR” issues or just SonarSource people do?