Per-team filters or dashboards within a very large project

We’re running Sonarqube 10.1 Enterprise edition, and it works great for our smaller repos where we have a 1:1:1 team:project:repo relationship.

However, we also have one very large project that has dozens of teams contributing to it. The aggregate project stats are interesting but not super useful for individuals or teams. I can manually go in and filter bugs and smells and explicitly include folders and files, but I don’t know of a way to persist this or build dashboards on top of it. In looking at older posts, it sounds like the guidance is usually to just break the giant repo down into multiple projects and use a portfolio when you need to see everything together. Unfortunately, for this repo, it’s not something we can do in the short or medium term.

Are there any features or approaches we can use to try to get team-filtered views (including specific folders and/or files) for our sonarqube metrics?


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Yes, that’s still the best advice. Unfortunately, searching issues by directory isn’t recursive, so your best bet really is to break up the repo into its natural sub-projects.

This is something that could be done gradually:

  • Pick a project
  • Set up analysis for it
  • Create an exclusion for its files in the mega-project
  • Repeat at leisure