Is it possible to have a per team overview of a very large codebase?

  • We are using SonarQube Community Edition Version 8.5.1
  • As of now, the overall overview of the whole codebase does not really bring any value to each individual team, as each team would like to have the same overview dashboard as the main ‘project’. Would it be possible to have the ‘main project’ and then sub projects under it that have the same capabilities and visualization but broken down into teams or classes?
  • So far we have tried to apply the SonnarScanner Gradle plugin, but it configure all projects to be analyzed, which is sub-optimal, and is by default set skipProject to true, override the ones of interests and by default excludes all files and for the projects of interests override the exclude to empty and set the include. It works, but you need to explicitly define both for every project.

The Applications feature that was recently added to our Developer Edition was designed with such a purpose in mind. What you could do there is analyze the subsets as separate projects for each team and then stitch them together into an Application for the benefit of whoever does still want to see the big-picture overview.

Of course, to get this you’d need to be willing to upgrade to Developer Edition.