Joining / aggregation of multiple (mulit-module) projects

Hi, we are using SonarQube 8.5 (Enterprise Edition) in our projects.

We have a large code base for the Server, as well as for the Client projects. Due to historical and architectural reasons the codebase was splitted into multiple “components”, which have an own Bitbucket repository and an own Build on Teamcity. There´s one final, multi-module Maven Build having dependencies to the separated artifacts.

For having an “aggregated” report showing all coverage there´s now the idea to “join” all these projects together in a huge, mulit-module aggregator Build (Maven) which than will be analyzed by

mvn sonar:sonar

Does this make sense at all? Or is it a better strategy to analyze the projects “as is” - which means each separated build has it´s own separated analysis ?

It would be helpful to here some pros and cons regarding this approach.

Thanx in advance !