SonarQube Analysis / Results / Issues by Team / Group

We are currently preparing to evaluate SonarQube 7.9.1 LTS Community Edition and wondered if it addresses the following two long term management requirements

  1. We need to provide team members (individual developers) a view of their Issues and Analysis (similar to that previously provided by the now deprecated ‘Developer Cockpit’ plug-in)

  2. We need to provide Managers and Team leaders a view of their Teams Issues and Analysis as a whole

If the above are beyond the scope of the Community Edition, please advise which Edition would be required, how we go about arranging for a trial and how long such a trial would last

Also if there are any existing resources available that illustrate the above features please provide details of where they can be found


From the global Issues page, every authenticated user has access to a ‘My Issues’ filter.

For the second requirement, I guess that’s what the project homepage and project issues page are for. If you need to aggregate multiple projects’ issues and metrics, you’ll need to bump up to Enterprise Edition($) for Portfolios and Applications. To get a trial license, fill out the form on the page I’ve linked above.


Hi Ann

Thanks for your response, I have passed your information on to senior management, so please consider this issue closed