Problem with issue life cycle in sonarqube 8.9.6

Hello Team,

we are not able to see options apart form confirm in issue life cycle, we are using Sonarqube version 8.9.6 Community edition

We are not able to see issue life cycle options for users even they are admins, specifically for JavaScript & typescript project

Also I can see


users are admin sonar admin etc,

can you please guide


Hey there.

You will need to make sure that the user browsing issues has Administer Issues permission at the project-level (there is no global permission to grant this permission on all projects). You can, however, have these permissions assigned for new projects that are created by adjusting your global Administration > Security > Permission Templates

You can safely ignore these – we have dropped these Quality Profiles in newer versions of SonarQube, and there’s no action you can take

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