Setting up Dashboards - SonarQube 7.9 Data Center Edition

We use SonarQube 7.9 Data Center Edition in our organization and we have a huge monolithic project of about 1.9M lines of code which consists of Java, PLSQL, JS, Scala etc which are scattered across multiple directories and owned by different teams. Currently the problem we face is we have a project overview page which lists all issues, coverage etc for the whole project. Is there a way we can create something like a dashboard where we can group folders into different modules? This is only for a better viewing (based on the ownership of modules). This would be helpful when a team want to check the status for their area of ownership. Currently they have to navigate into multiple directories to see if things are OK for their area of ownership.

Hello @renjics

In SQ a project is a project. There is no sub-projects, nor modules, nor anything else to split the project. You have to take this on the other angle: split first, then group!


I think the best approach here is to split analysis of your project in several of them, each one targeting the development team in charge of it. You will have a project for the Java code, another for the PLSQL, etc. This can be managed with extensive usage of Narrowing the focus parameters (in particular sonar.sources because I guess the folder structure of your project is quite logical).
Then into SQ, you can create an Applications which allows you to group these “technical” projects into a single one which constitutes the said Application.

Does it make sense to you?

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