Where did the sub-folder dashboards go?

  • we just upgraded from Sonar 6.x to LTS 7.9
  • When you click on the Code tab, you see a list of sub folders. In Sonar 6.x, each sub-folder was prefixed with a flyout link that led to a dashboard focused on that sub-section of code. These flyout links to sub-dashboards are missing in LTS 7.9
  • Is this a configurable option? Or has this feature simply been removed? That was a very useful feature.



It was removed in SonarQube 7.6: https://docs.sonarqube.org/7.6/setup/upgrade-notes/

Concept of module removed from the UI
This version drops the concept of module from the interface. There is no longer a homepage presentation for any level below the project itself. Additionally, the presentation of the project has been updated in the Measures and Code pages to display the project tree as it is in the file system. For the most part (see below) analysis of multi-module projects will continue to work as it has.

For very large projects, it is quite helpful to be able to present sub-dashboards for teams working on different sections of the codebase.

Is there any way to get this type of behavior back? If not, I’m open to suggestions for alternative workarounds.



The alternative would be to analyze those different sections of the codebase as independent projects and reunite them, if necessary, via an Application, which is an aggregation available in the Enterprise Edition($) and above.