Missing warning/log message in case of using modules

Hi all, I haven’t used sonar recently and now when I wanted to set up a new project I spent more time than I wanted to figure out why I cannot see my modules on the dashboard. Finally, when I went through on the release notes I realized that they are removed. That is okay, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to display some info or warning in the output when the scanner finds modules and let the user know that they won’t be displayed on the UI?

  • versions used (SonarQube 7.6+, SonarScanner for Jenkins 2.9)
  • nothing tells me that modules won’t be displayed
  • run sonar analysis with sonar-scanner and modules
  • i couldn’t find any

If you think this would be a worthy feature I would be happy to implement and make a pull request


Welcome to the community!

In fact, your modules are still reflected in the UI, they just don’t get their own dashboards any more. But you’ll see in the Code view that we’ve switched to a file system view and you can directory-level values.


Hi, thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:
Then I think my sonar properties is misconfigured since I can see only the main project and its src folder in the code view. Of course I can find the other folders if I go into the src, but nothing suggests that I have more modules. Could you please send me the most recent version of the relevant documentation? Unfortunately I cannot find it anywhere.


Hi Istvan,

(Sorry about the missing accent mark; AmE keyboard :frowning:)

I think you’re already getting all you’re going to get: project-level summary on the homepage, and details available at lower levels in the Metrics and Code drilldowns.

What more were you expecting?


To be honest, I don’t know what should I see but I expected some straightforward comparison of the different modules. Let me share 2 screenshots, first when I navigate to the “code” view:

then when I click on the “src” folder:

I set up modules for each folder in the source, like adapters, core, etc… But I can find nothing about them, not in the code view or anywhere else. This is why I suppose I misconfigured something.
Maybe this is how it should look like, then I am okay, but currently it seems it shows the folders just becauase I navigated to the src folder and not because I’ve set up modules for them


What you’re seeing is what’s expected.


Thank you very much, Ann. Then, I will create a dedicated project for each module.

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