SonarQube not scanning all the modules listed in the Source Directory

We are currently using SonarQube version 9.9.1 for code analysis in our windows .Net project. However, we are facing an issue where the SonarQube scanner is not indexing all the modules present in our source directory during analysis.

Problem: Out of the 25 modules within our project’s source directory, only 15 modules are being indexed and analyzed by SonarQube. Interestingly, all these modules have similar types of files and extensions. The configuration in Sonar project does not explicitly exclude or include any specific modules, so there doesn’t seem to be a configuration issue on that front.

Troubleshooting Steps Taken:

  1. We have reviewed our project configuration thoroughly and confirmed that there are no explicit inclusions or exclusions for modules.
  2. We have experimented with different versions of the SonarQube scanner plugin, but the issue remains consistent.
  3. We have verified that the modules being excluded from indexing are not different in terms of file types or structure from those that are being indexed successfully.

Expected Behavior: We expect SonarQube to index and analyze all 25 modules present in our source directory, as no specific exclusions have been set and all modules contain similar types of files.

Request for Assistance: We are reaching out to the SonarQube community to seek insights into this issue. If anyone has encountered a similar problem or can provide guidance on potential solutions, we would greatly appreciate your input. We are open to suggestions and recommendations that could help us resolve this issue and ensure that all modules are properly analyzed during the SonarQube scan.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and insights!


If you enable debug logging and examine the output, I’m guessing you’ll find that the missing modules are judged to be test modules and skipped on purpose. Here’s how to get them re-included.