Cannot see all files for multi-module android project


I have a multi-module android project and when I run the sonar-scanner command like this:


I can see the logs are saying there are 1913 files have been analyzed.
"INFO: 1913/1913 source files have been analyzed"

However, from the “Code” tab, I can only see one module’s content (only 414 lines of code) being upload to Sonarcloud dashbaord. And that is only one of my module’s file, but I have 5 modules that didn’t appear.

Please let me know why is that please? do I miss anything that needs to be setup?
Thank you!

Hey there.

It looks like you’re analyzing a pull request or a short-lived branch, which will only show changed lines of changed files.

Have you tried analyzing your main branch yet?

And – if you’re analyzing a Java/Android project, you’re better off using the Scanner for Gradle or Scanner for Maven, but that’s not really relevant to this question.