Dashboards [Tab] is not showing after upgrading 5.4 to 6.7.6 in Linux RHEL

I’m new to Sonarsource Community

  • Upgraded the sonarqube from 5.4 to 6.7.6 successfully , after up gradation dashboards [Tab] is not showing and unable to create dashboards as well.
  • I’ve tried multiple ways but couldn’t able to
  • I want to create dashboards where i can have selected projects under the dashboard

Please help on this ,Thanks in advance

Dashboard features were removed on SonarQube 6.x.

If you want to know more take a look at this:


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@acalero Thanks for your reply

Is there any other way or workaround?


Perhaps if you describe what data/features you’re trying to replace/reproduce, we can tell you where to look.


Hi Ann, I was wondering this myself. I used to have a dashboard previously and it saved alot of time.
I’m really surprised it has been deleted.
As I need review >40 projects in sonar this was very useful.
And obviously it is gone now we are on 6.7.
What I’m wondering is there any other way to have on one screen the list of the following for multiple projects

  • Project
  • Version
  • Quality Gate Status
  • Coverage Overall Metric
  • Issues by Severity

If there is now way then this will become a very manual task to build a presentation.


HI Cian,

Welcome to the community!

From the Projects page you can get project, coverage, and worst severity for Bugs and Vulnerabilities.

For version… aren’t you always analyzing latest state?


Hi Ann, Thanks for replying.

Is it possible to change the Project tab to brake down issues by Severity.
For example If there are 200 issues in a project, but I can’t see on the Project tab that is 200 Blockers or 200 Minors then the top layer view isn’t very useful, I’d have to drill down into each project.
I’d Like at the top level to see the count of issues by Severity. So we can use to prioritise components to work on.
I hope what I’m asking makes sense.


Hi Cian,

Editing the interface isn’t possible. However it is possible to add custom pages. You would write those in a plugin. The guide is here. Note that it was written when we switched to the current front end technology & to my knowledge has not since been revisited. If you decide to pursue this, feel free to open topics in the Plugin Development category with specific development questions.