Organize projects in virtual folders


(dexter) #1

Dear Sonar guys,

Is there a way to organize projects in folders, at least in the web UI ?


(Benoit) #2


Can you clarify what you mean by organizing projects in folders? In which page of the ui?
Also, what is your use case?


(dexter) #3

In the /projects?sort=-analysis_date UI, I see a flat list of projects. Is it possible for instance to group projects per team ?

(Benoit) #4

No, it’s not possible. And AFAIK it’s not in our pipe!

(Brad) #5

For our use case we prefix the project keys with the team name (ex: tiger-dashboard) so you can filter based on that. If you have the Enterprise edition you can set up portfolios to get a similar overview per portfolio.

(dexter) #6

That’s what we are currently doing (prefixing), but it’s kind of workaround