Project based on filter rules

We have one code base with ~ 100 VS solutions / 1000 csproj/vcxproj files.

To create the most relevant view for each team we want to show them only a slice of the code base.

I know about the suggestion to create individual projects and builds for each team / component.
( How to use project's tags to filter issues - #4 by ganncamp )

Due to dependencies between components this is quite some effort, and it also blocks build infrastructure.

We would have a much lower entrance barrier if there would be a powerful filtering feature – something like a “virtual project” that is populated based on include/exclude rules from an overall project.

Is something like this available / in the queue?

BR, Peter

Hi Peter,

Have you looked at the monorepo feature that starts in Enterprise Edition($$)?


Hi Ann,

yes, but I am afraid it does not help in our situation.

We do not have a monorepo but a monolith, i.e. one system build (organized in dependent projects) that at some places is very hard to slice.

My wish would be to only build the monolith once (and run the sonar analysis as part of this build) but be able to populate multiple sonarqube projects (component / team views) based on the path in the repository.

BR, Peter

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