Project analysis using directories rather than branches

  • Current Version: SonarQube 8.9.4
  • Current Edition: Developer Edition


Currently we have an instance analysing one of our main repositories and some of its major branches. We have feature teams that are working on various components, however they do not have separate repos or branches, but directories from within the main repository itself and a given branches to work from depending on the iteration at the time.

I have been asked to provide the analysis for each of these feature teams. My question is, is there a way to create several projects from the same repository but only analyse the given directories (feature teams). If so what affect will this have on the LOC.

Thanks in advance


Hi Domonic,

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If you had mentioned PR analysis, I would point you to Monorepo analysis in Enterprise Edition($$). Since you didn’t, I’ll just say that a careful use of inclusions will probably get you what you want.


Thank You Ann

I eventually found what you are talking about with the inclusions, but I could not see a way to lock my thread as resolved. Thank you again for the reply


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