How to use project's tags to filter issues

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Im using Sonarcube 6.7.6
I am trying to get a “bird’s eye” look over the issues coming out of my team’s projects.
But there is no obvious way to filter the issues screens. The way we distinguish my team’s projects from other teams, is by using a project tag.
Moreover, the project name is concatenated with the branch name (i.e. project_name-RELEASE/2020), and we want to filter only the latest “RELEASE” project (consider we can have one project called projectX-RELEASE/2020 and the same project with the name projectX-RELEASE/2019


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It sounds like you’re on the global issues page. There’s also a project-level issues page, which shows only the issues from that project

But even on the global issues page you still have the ability to filter by project using the Project facet

What you can’t do, however, is filter issues by project tags. You can filter them by issue tags, but not by project tags.


Thank you for your quick response.
Our main culprit is that on the same sonarcube server, there are many scrum teams projects, we want a way to filter only our scrum’s issues, for all of our projects.
We already mark them with a specific project tag, and we also considered marking them as favorites (for each team member/our managers) But both of these dont make an impact when it comes to filtering in the issues page.
We’re looking for a way to make this happen. In the past we used to have dashboards and specific widgets, which is deprecated now.
Would creating a portfolio help up?
Any known plugins can help us?

Ah. You want an aggregated issues page for a subset of (multiple) projects. For that, depending on your exact need either a Portfolio or Application (if your projects ship together) is what you want. That functionality is available starting in Enterprise Edition($).


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