Can we stream, aggregate & visualize multiple project's sonar run results on single sonar interface? (community/enterprise version)

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NOTE: Would like to understand if a use-case like following is possible in the either community or enterprise version of SonarSource products ??

Use Case:

Our Engineering teams & Leadership are trying to achieve/solve following:

We have many teams that have numerous repo’s (500+) which use java and javascript as primary programming languages. We are trying to achieve where all of our sonar run results(as part of CI) are streamed to one/distributed sonar instance/s and then we can visualize aggregated reports to analyze things like:

  • Code Coverage, Tests and quality
  • Line coverage
  • Condition Coverage
  • Reliability
  • Code Smells
  • Security Vulnerability Scanning
  • Coding standards.

Basically from leadership and engineering teams standpoint we would like to understand how healthy our engineering assets are and where we can improve.

Sample template:

Platform level Metrics (aggregate of all assets)

                ` <GRAPH/Metrics>`

Project level Metrics (aggregate of all project assets)


Team level Metrics (aggregate of all assets that team own)


Hi Avinash and welcome to this forum !

I think you should have a look at the Portfolio Management feature of the Enterprise Edition of SonarQube.


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Julien, thanks for the reply. Is there a way we can achieve this with custom development on a community or developer edition ?


@julienlancelot, any idea on the above request ?

Many thanks !

There’s no way to do a custom development to do this, however you can still use the measures web API to try to do it from an external tool.

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