Compare metrics of two projects

Hi there!
I was wondering if there is a way to compare metrics of two different projects branch by branch somehow. A chart or a diagram would be best. This would be super helpful to our bosses as it would allow them compare code quality between all projects in a portfolio.

Thanks in advance.



Hey there.

You’ve clued onto an important word. :slight_smile: Portfolios are a feature coming with the Enterprise Edition of SonarQube and above, and are meant for this purpose (high level overview targeting manager-level positions)

Hey Colin!
Okay, that sounds hopeful :slight_smile: How can I do that with a portfolio? My company has an EE of SQ.

Step 1. Create a Portfolio
Step 2. Add projects to it


More seriously, the documentation on Managing Portfolios can be found here

Query for the sonarqube community version, there is some kind of solution for portfolio use.

Portfolios are an Enterprise Edition feature. If you need to pull data to generate aggregate reports on your own, the Web API (documentation linked in the footer of your instance) is available.