Does SonarCloud offer aggregated analytics for multiple repositories

My team has multiple repositories, and I would like to get a big picture view of the code coverage of the different repositories in a single chart.
I can see a coverage trend under the Activity tab - but that is for only one repository. Is there a way to aggregate the data from multiple repositories owned by a single team?
Does anyone know how I could get that sort of Analytics insight?

Thank you for your help


Welcome to the community!

This feature is available in commercial SonarQube editions. It’s called Applications. But it’s not available in SonarCloud.



Thank you for the response - I am glad to hear that at least the feature is available. How would I go about getting a demo and understanding if it would serve our needs?

Thank you


You’re welcome to get a trial license and take it for a spin.

You’re also welcome to poke around in this application on our internal dogfooding server. As you see, it’s a synthetic project, composed of projects that ship together.