Notification For All Project Members


(Sivaram K) #1

I am Administrator for SonarQube Server (6.7.2 LTS).
Currently notification is sending only for users who subscribe themselves.
I would like to send notification to the members who has permissions.

Is there any possibilities in new version?

(Colin Mueller) #2


From the documentation on Notifications - Administration

Only users who subscribe themselves will get notifications. With one exception is no admin functionality to proactively subscribe another user. If you believe a user should be receiving notifications, then it’s time to practice the gentle art of persuasion


(Sivaram K) #3

Thank you.

I am aware of the setup in current versions.
Is there any possibility to set notification from Administration in new version of SonarQube?

(Colin Mueller) #4


Both the LTS and Latest versions are the same so far as functionality.