SonarQube Email Notification Configuration

Hello! We’re currently using SonarQube Enterprise 9.3 and has anyone figured out the following for email administration?

  1. Auto setting users to receive email notifications for “My new issues”. In short, pushing out this setting to all users. Documentation here Notifications | SonarQube Docs says it can’t be done currently. Is this something that might change in the future? Or perhaps are there any plugins that might apply this setting to all users?

  2. Is there a way to email administrators when a new vulnerability is created, and also include the user who created it?

Thank you!


Welcome to the community!

  1. There is no support for this
  2. Notifications aren’t selective in this way. And I think it’s an interesting use case. Would you mind detailing it in a new ‘Product Manager for a Day’ thread?