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Version 7.1 (build 11001)

  • bug
    After setting up a user to be notified on “My new issues”, The user is not receiving notification when new issues are being assigned.

  • steps to reproduce
    Configure email
    Send test message to insure it’s working
    Log in as user, and check in the profile that user has email address
    Go to notifications and only check “My new issues” checkbox
    Log out and log in as an admin
    Select a case to assign and assign it to the user.
    Check user’s email.
    No email is received.

  • potential workaround
    If the user also checks “Changes in issues assigned to me” they are notified when a issue is assigned. The problem is that we only want a email when a new issue is assigned. Not an email every time something about the bug changes.


Thanks for taking the time to report this, especially with such a great reproduction procedure.

The behavior you’re seeing is by design. The purpose of the “My New Issues” email is to notify you when an analysis includes new issues attributed to you. This email is triggered only at the end of analysis.

It’s easy to say “okay, add a new trigger”, but harder to implement smoothly because by default a bulk assignment would trigger many emails (SONAR-5210).



We use Sourcegear Vault for our source control, and FogBugz issue tracking. Neither of these integrate well with Sonarqube. Due to the lack of integration, an analysis will not provide blame for us. As a secondary solution, we need the ability to notify FogBugz when issues are assigned and email is the only option for quasi-integration. If the option would do what is says, send a email for “My new issues”, this would be perfect and give some of us on the outside a way to get by.

As for bulk assignment, many emails is perfect. That would create one FogBugz case for each issue assigned. Voila! Trying to use the “Changes in issues assigned to me” is way worse for this and almost unusable.

Okay, I’ve created a ticket to track this: SONAR-11034.

No promises.


Yay! Three cheers for Ann! hip hip hooray!..
Very kind of you. Thanks!

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