Notify when a issue is assigned to a team member

We would like to notify a team member when issues are assigned to them by another person.
Please, is-it possible ? what’s the process to do this ?

We tried different things but no success.
On our profil, we select globals Notifications and notifications by project.

But when an admin assign issue, the team member no receive mail or other.

If it’s no possible, what is the best practice in this case?

Thanks for your help.


I’ve moved this to the Product Manager for a Day category since the feature doesn’t exist.

Since newly created issues should be assigned to their authors automatically, what you’re showing in your screenshot isn’t something we’ve spent a lot of time on. Would you mind expanding a little on your use case?

Is it common that your issues are unassigned? Are they created that way, or are they manually unassigned? And under what circumstances to you (re)assign them?


Hey @grome18 ,

I did check the same configuration you have and I do receive email notifications when they are assigned to a user.

Are you able to receive other notifications? Have you tested your SMTP configuration?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, my SMTP configuration is correctly configured.
We receive notifications when background tasks fail for example or when quality gate changes.
When “my new issues” is checked, only mail is sent when issues are assigned during sonar analysis but no when user affect issue to another throught issues’s webpage.

Would you be able to enable DEBUG logs on your application (WEB process), then reassign issues between users, and after that send me the logs?

Thank you, please find attached the log file in debug mode. (412.3 KB)

@grome18 Do you mind sending also Compute Engine logs? I didn’t find relevant in those logs

I put the file “ce.log” in debug mode, but when i assigned issues to an other user, nothing logs in the file…

@jacek.poreda Maybe can you share your tested solution to receive email notifications on users affectation to an SonarQube issue ?


I did exactly what you explained.

  1. Set up email configuration.
  2. Set notifications for users
  3. Then I reassigned as an admin a few issues to this user
  4. And here are the emails

Thanks. I understand the difference… You use the administrator profile to assign issues to users. But in my case, I use my own profile. I tested your process and received the email :slight_smile:
However, I don’t understand why my own profile is different from the administrator profile…
In administration page, my profile has the same configuration :

So this is explained on the notifications page:

Screenshot 2022-10-28 at 11.52.18

I see this in email :

And if this case “Changes in issues/hotspots assigned to me” is not check, no email.

So, to receive email we must check this case : Changes in issues/hotspots assigned to me

Yes, that’s correct

Ok, thank you for your help.

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