Teams get notifications from other Projects where they don't have permission to see

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re doing well. I’ve had this thread opened, but unfortunately it has been moved before I could get this resolved.
Thanks to Julien Lancelot for comming back to me there (unfortunately my notification didn’t work so I’m a bit late to reply).

Back to issue:

We’ve got Sonarqube 7.3 installed.
There is an issue, where other Teams get the notifications from other projects from which they don’t have permissions to see.
At first I’ve thought this could be a bug, but then it seems this issue has been resolved in 6.6.

Question from Julien Lancelot:

Could you please tell us which type of notifications the team have subscribed ?

Answer to that part:

For Overall notifications, they’ve had “New issues” active as far as I know.

Maybe this information helps to get this figured out.

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Hi there,

SonarQube 7.3 has not been released (we’ve only just announced 7.2) so I suggest you double-check and clarify which version you have as you might indeed hit a known/pass issue. Also feel free to just go ahead and upgrade to 7.2 to check the behaviour on that version.


P.S.: FYI you might want to link back to the past google thread you mentioned, for end-to-end context

Hi Nicolas,

thank you very much for answering to my post.

here’s the link to the old google Thread: Redirecting to Google Groups

You’re totally right, we’ve got Version 7.1 (build 11001) installed. not 7.3. I don’t know anymore from where I’ve got this :sweat:

I’ll talk to my supervisor, if I’ll be allowed to update to version 7.2.
As soon as we’re done, I give you an update here.

With kind regards

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