How to add DL or user group for sonarqube notifications

Hi All,

I am using sonarqube 6.7 and I want to add DL (distribution list) or user group for specific project’s notifications, but not found a way/solution.
Please help if you have tried it.

(I know for individual user, once user is created, he needs to subscribe for mails by logging into his sonarqube account, how not sure how to subscribe DL or user group for sonarqube scan emails.)

TIA !!


First, 6.7 is past EOL. You should upgrade immediately. Your upgrade path is:

6.7 -> 7.9.4 (current LTS) -> 8.4.2 (current version. This step optional)

Regarding subscribing other users to notifications, you can’t. As described in the docs

Only users who subscribe themselves will get notifications. With only one exception, there is no admin functionality to proactively subscribe another user. If you believe a user should be receiving notifications, then it’s time to practice the gentle art of persuasion.


Thanks Ann !!

One thing I noticed, if we add individual Id for a user, scan emails are getting sent, but If I add DL for particular user, then emails are not getting sent on DL.


What’s a DL?


Sorry for using short form.
DL=Distribution List.


Thanks for the explanation. Unfortunately, I’m even more confused now. Maybe that sounds silly, but it’s not possible in SonarQube to sign another user up for notifications. You can only subscribe yourself.


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