Can SonarQube sent notification after scan to group with only email?

I’m using SonarQube Community Edition Version 9.9.3 (build 79811) on windows, and did the following steps using Sonar admin user:

  1. I created group of users not thought SonarQube but other internal system, and gave this group an email address.
  2. I tested it thought sonar admin screen (email test) and it worked (all users in this group got the mail).
  3. I created sonar user, and gave him this group email address (since for some strange reason, you can’t assign email to sonar group).
  4. I gave this user all the permissions to some empty project I created, and turn on all the project notification (reminder, I’m connected with sonar admin user)
  5. I ran scan thought sonar scanner version 5.0.1, but only the admin got the email, and none of the users and group did.
  6. I tried the same with other user instead the group, and got the same behavior
  7. The only way it worked, is when I logged in with the user from item 6, and set this user to get notification from this project.

This is not good for me as I don’t want to manage the users and group thought Sonar, and also I don’t want to have dependency in user and password authentication for each user in order to get notification.
Does my assumption is correct? any ideas how can I get the expected result per the scenario I described?
Is it still the same answer as here:

@ganncamp tagging you as I see you replied very similar question. Is it still the same functionality? you can’t sent sonar scan reports to group users without having them to login and configure them selves notification?

Hey there.

What was the notification that you expected to receive?

Also – if I remember my time in Enterprise IT well, sometimes groups are unable to receive e-mails except from specific (internal) domains. You may want to check if this is the case for your company’s setup.

And, please don’t tag individuals not already involved on a thread. You may think it bumps it to the top of their list, but it actually has the opposite effect.