Migrate existing projects to organization

We use SonarCloud with PR decoration in Azure DevOps for several projects (C++/Java), but not all these projects have been imported properly via the organization.
This means we have to deal with PATs more than necessary (on the project-level) and to resolve that we’d like to bind the existing projects the the organization, and only have a PAT configured there.

In this topic it is said that work is being done to enable this:

“Unfortunately, there is currently no way to migrate an unbound project to a bound one (although there will be work done on that matter, but I cannot promise any date). So if you would like to convert the manually created projects to bound ones, it would mean deleting the manual one and reimporting in the recommended way (this would of course mean, losing history, etc.)”

Is it possible today? Any progress on that matter? If not I’d like to pursue the other option, but I’d rather keep the history if possible (soon-ish). Advice on how to re-import as smooth as possible is also appreciated.

Kind regards.

Hello @ErikT ,

Unfortunately, this is not yet possible and it is not on the short-term roadmap. This is a topic that we continue to monitor and hope to bring improvements in the long run.

Thanks for the response.

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