Introducing GitHub project binding edition

Hello SonarCloud :sonarcloud: users,

We are excited to announce that GitHub projects have now a new feature to setup project binding.
This feature will allow the binding of SonarCloud projects to GitHub repositories and to change this binding when needed.

Users will benefit from the advantages of bound projects (Automatic PR decoration, Automatic analysis,…) without data or history loss in SonarCloud.

More details on bound projects and their advantages can be found in this page.

We will soon take this step further and enable this functionality to all DevOps platforms. We keep you posted.

Thank you for your continued support!

The SonarCloud team


@Ilham i understand correctly that this feature does not provide a solution for my problem?

@ganncamp suggested that this would solve our above problem but this only enables changing project binding, not changing organisation binding.

Any further sugesstions for us or heroic measures saving our SonarCloud organisation or do we really need to set things up from scratch in a new SonarCloud bounded organisation?


Hello Patrick,

Thank you for your insight.

This delivery does not solve your problem indeed. However, Organization binding is part of our plan in the future.

We keep you updated.

Thank you for adding this feature!
Is there a way to bind using the web api? or just manually for now?

@acsontos There is a web API for this feature, however it’s undocumented for now. We plan to make it fully public soon, so you’ll be able to automate this going forward.

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