GitHub account migration to AzureDevOps

We are currently in the process of migrating the GitHub repository to the Azure DevOps Repo.

We will need to modify our current GitHub account for AzureDevOps but we haven’t identified the ability to execute the change.

How should we proceed with the change? The idea is not to have additional costs for using AzureDevOps Repo in conjunction with Sonar.

We are using the SonarCloud solution

Hi Gustavo, welcome to the community :wave:

As per our documentation:

Once an organization is created on the SonarCloud side it is bound to its peer organization on the repository platform until one or the other is deleted. The SonarCloud organization cannot be re-bound to another organization.

If you are migrating projects to another organization (either on the same repository platform), you will need to create a new SonarCloud organization to bind to the new platform organization and re-import the projects you want to analyze.

If you are under a coupon plan, I invite you to contact us via our website to handle the payment details.

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