Unable to bind a project to Azure Devops Organization as the Sonarcloud organization exists

Hi Team

My organization is using Sonarcloud paid plan and I am the owner for same. We are currently in the process of migrating our code from bitbucket to Azure devops repository. We understand that its not possible to change the binding on current Sonar organization from Bitbucket to Azure Devops. As a result I have created a new Sonarcloud Organization and was trying to bind that to Azure devops. But during that process I am getting the error below.

This Azure DevOps organization is already bound to the following SonarCloud organization: sonarcloud-oms

I have investigated about this Sonarcloud Organization and found that it may have been created by a colleague who left the organization an year before for test purposes. Now we have no way to get into that Sonarcloud organization to delete it or reuse it. Could you please help us delete it so that we may create a new one?

This is a blocker for our bitbucket to Azuredevops migration as moving the repositories will make our pipelines to fail.

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Ajith John

There has been no reply for this post from Sonarqube team from last 15 days. Could someone please help us here?

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Hi John!

We took this into work and will update you as soon as we have finished.

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@ivan.murenko Thank you. Really appreciate that.

The previous organization was removed and after that action, the new organization was bound.