Maintenance for sonar-build-breaker plugin


The sonar-buildbreaker-plugin appears to be unmaintained and not compatible with newer SonarQube versions.

We have recently forked the repo to and made the plugin compatible with newer versions. In that context, the topic of maintainership transfer came up (github thread). We’re interested in taking it over if that’s OK from your side. Please let me know if there’s any additional steps we should take to make this possible.

Thanks & cheers,

Hey, Community Team!

Could please release the repository and handover to @sandro-h.
They/We would like to reanimate the plugin.


Hi Lukas,

Thanks for the ping. Somehow I missed this one. I’ve made the internal request. @sandro-h you should hear something soon.


Hi @sandro-h,

I just transfer you the ownership of the repo

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Hi all,

I was on vacation for the last 2 weeks, but picking this up again now.

@lg2de thanks for pinging the team! And thanks for making the request, Ann.

@jerome.boccard Thanks for initiating the transfer. Sadly, I missed the 1 day expiration time while I was away. Could you initiate the transfer again? Side note: I’d like the repo to end up in the AdNovum Github organisation so that my company is responsible for it in case I drop out some time in the future. But it’s easier if you transfer to my sandro-h account and then I transfer it on once we have everything in order (specifically the changes in the adnovum fork have been merged). I assume it’s OK for me to transfer the repo at a later point.

@jerome.boccard could you please initiate the transfer again to @sandro-h ? should really be reanimated!

Hey, guys!
Any progress on reactivting this plugin within the “official” repository?
@sandro-h, do you still want to take ownership?
@jerome.boccard, please contact Sandro again.


Hey Lukas, yes we’d still be ready to take over ownership. Just need the repo transfer :slight_smile:

Hey @jerome.boccard (cc @ganncamp), could we please give the repo transfer another shot? I hope I’m not missing some contact attempts on one of these platforms, but I haven’t heard anything yet. Would be great if we could conclude this so people looking for the right version or fork don’t waste their time :slight_smile:

Hi @sandro-h,

The transfer was still pending for your acceptance.
I sent invitation again.
Just take care to not have a fork or a repository with the same name. It could block the transfer

Let me know

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Hi @jerome.boccard,

It worked, many thanks! As I mentioned in a previous comment, my goal is now to pull in the appropriate Sonar 7.x compatibility fixes and then transfer the repo to my company’s GitHub organization so it doesn’t hinge on me only. Therefore the final repo will end up at