Adopting SonarQubeCommunity/sonar-pmd

(Jens Gerdes) #1

Hi everyone

I would like to adopt the project sonar-pmd. My Github ID is jensgerdes.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

PMD Plugin Status
(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Jens,

Thanks for your interest in this, and your willingness to step up!

Tim Webster had previously volunteered to take over maintenance of this project. He did so before we realized we should be handing over repo ownership as well as maintainer rights, which is why this repo still exists in the SonarQubeCommunity organization instead of under his account. I’ve created a GitHub issue on the project to ping him on this question. Let’s give him at least a week or so to respond.

Would you mind pinging me (with an ‘@’ mention) in this thread if we haven’t heard back from him by… let’s say the 8th?


(Jens Gerdes) #3

Hi Ann,

thanks for your quick reply. Of course, we should give the current maintainer some time to react on this request.
There is no need to rush. I just found Tim mentioning that he was searching someone to take over so I stepped in.


(G Ann Campbell) #4

Ah! Thanks for the pointer. I guess I have my answer. :wink:

I’ll put the wheels in motion on my side.

(Thomas Vérin) #5

Hi @jens I’ve transferred the repository to your Github jensgerdes account.
Please check your associated email for a transfer invitation to accept.


(Jens Gerdes) #6

Hi @tomverin

Thanks. The repo has been transferred.