Adopting SonarQubeCommunity/sonar-crowd

(Alex Nordlund) #1

Is there any process for adopting stagnating plugins?

I see some issues, some pull-requests, but no activity. And I’d like to help maintain it rather than having to run my own fork.
Currently there’s a fork that builds and runs with minor modifications but master doesn’t.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


The process for plugins in the SonarCommunity organization is to raise your hand here and volunteer to take over the care and feeding of such plugins. So… what’s your GitHub id?


(Alex Nordlund) #3

That sounds great! I’m deepy at github.

(G Ann Campbell) #4

I’ve put this in motion on my side, but it’s vacation season, so it might take longer than at other times of the year. If you don’t hear something in … a month, ping me.


(Thomas Vérin) #5

Hi alex, could you remove your fork so that I can transfer the repos to your github account.
You can’t have two identically named repos.


(Alex Nordlund) #6

@tomverin done, I’ve moved it to another org to keep my pr open.

(Thomas Vérin) #7

you’ve received an email to the account linked with

click on the link and the ownership will be transferred.

Happy coding.

(Alex Nordlund) #8

Thank you Tom!
The project now builds again, and I can start working on the backlog :slight_smile:

I guess I got a final question, right now it’s located at org.codehaus.sonar-plugins:sonar-crowd-plugin and has releases on maven central, should I relocate it to my own coordinates or can I poke someone about access to maven central?
EDIT: I’ll move it to cm.xd.sonar-plugins:sonar-crowd-plugin for now, there’s collisions on too

(G Ann Campbell) #9


Remind me of this move the next time you want a new version in the update center, please. I’ll need to do some additional configuration to make it work.


(Alex Nordlund) #10

Hi @ganncamp, I apologize for the extra work necessary due to the move.

I’ve released which should work on modern sonarqube versions.
And made an announcement at [NEW RELEASE] Crowd plugin 2.1